No selfies were taken during this photoshoot, well maybe one!

Vanessa and Nick are two people who - just by being around them - really do make you feel like love is attainable. We were joking and saying that "if the relationship isn't like Jess and Gabe Conte's then we don't want it" but, that would honestly be the way I would describe these two! And if you don't know who Jess and Gabe is, please stop reading and go to YouTube. We'll see you in a few hours!

When I hosted a giveaway, and Nick won, I knew our time was going to filled with love and laughter.

I met Vanessa and Nick at church during an event at our church, and Vanessa and I immediately hit it off over our shared love for the Jonas Brothers. And well, if anyone knows me, they know I love the Jonas Brothers. Our immediate bond for the JoBros started a beautiful friendship, one that usually resulted in us quoting lyrics of songs and lines from various shows.

When I tell you that leaving this session I thought I was going to go home with abs, I'm not kidding. From the faces Nick gave me when I asked them to do a specific pose, or say something specific, to finding out that Nick actually likes his cereal warm. That comment definitely had me thinking of Olivia Rodrigo's song lyric that says - like a damn sociopath because let's be honest, who likes warm cereal?

From sand on our backs and in our hair, to slightly cold water and long jeans, the laughs were definitely worth the hassle and the spontaneity of the various poses we did. Getting them in front of my camera was a blast, and we had enough laughs to last us a lifetime!

P.S. I highly recommend photo sessions on the beach; believe me it's a life changer.