Time to show off that new bling!

Time to show off that new bling!

Time to show off that new bling!

If you thought of making lovey eyes at your fiancé in front of a camera makes you want to never be out in public again, then it’s probably a good idea to book an engagement session.

Not only is it an incredible way for us to have a bit of fun together without the pressure of a timeline or all your guests, but spending some time together calms the nerves, inspires confidence in front of the camera, and allows us to create beautiful keepsakes in a chilled atmosphere.

Plus, who doesn’t love a new profile pic?!

We’ll get to know each other better, come away from it having a better sense of how we work together, and be ready to roll for wedding day.

BONUS: You’ll have beautiful images to add to wedding invitations or save-the-date cards.


esther & jeev

There are so many things I could say about Hana that wouldn't even fit into this review. She made our dream winter photoshoot happen, and I'm in awe at how beautiful these pictures are. She went above and beyond to make us feel SO comfortable with her subtle prompts that weren't awkward to do (especially being people who don't really "pose" for pictures much). You won't regret booking with her!

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