"Ontario. It's Yours to Discover" has never been a more accurate statement when a pandemic impacts your ability to travel. Hopefully with vaccinations and the ability to not need to quarantine the next travel blog will be abroad, but until then, let me take you on a seriously amazing trip throughout an area in Ontario called Tobermory.

P.S. if you fall in love with the city, don't blame me. It's beautiful and 100% worth the visit!

A weekend with friends

Before we get into the fun part of this blog, I did want to note that all COVID-19 precautions were taken and maintained.

The Grotto

Okay, when I tell you that this is the bluest body of water I have laid my eyes on in Ontario I am not exaggerating. The hike to get to the Grotto is beautiful, and filled with trees and nature. The air is crisp, and the hike is easy... that is until you get to the fun part: rock climbing along the Grotto to get to the top (or bottom) of the cliff.


Halfway Log Dump

The walk to get to this spot in Tobermory must be around 10 minutes long - and when it's raining, well sometimes it takes even longer!

This is a place that makes your eyes widen at how clear the water is, but your feet hurt because of all the rocks and stones you're stepping on. Thankfully, I brought my water shoes. The water was freezing cold (and so was the weather) and it honestly felt like going into the water felt like the Polar Dip.

Dyer's Bay

While driving around Tobermory we found a sign that said "Dyer's Bay Trail next exit" and so, in a split decision, we took the next exit and ended up at this beautiful trail that at times had us wondering where we were going. We saw two people on the trail in the two hours we were on the trail - which worried us just a little at one point. But, again, the water was blue and the view was amazing.

Also yes, that is me out there on the edge of the cliff. I guess after COVID and the lockdowns, I'm ready to really take on all the adventures.


Little Cove

This is one of the most calming place to visit in Tobermory, and it's something that allows you to not only relax, but get a little hike in if you feel like you want to! Another pebble beach with stones that hurt your ankles, and a hike that has you slipping and falling on your bum. But, the view was 100% worth it!

It's safe to say that by the end of the week, my ankles and calves were absolutely wrecked by mosquito bites and tiredness. There's still so much more to discover in Tobermory, and I can't wait to go back and visit next year!