Despite the pandemic shutting down travel, last year I learned that there was so much to discover when it comes to Canadian cities. There's a saying in my province, saying Ontario. It's Yours to Discover and that statement has never been more true.

So, here are some must see spots to visit when you find yourself in Montreal!

Before we get into the fun part of this blog, I did want to note that all COVID-19 precautions were taken and maintained.

The Big Apple in between Toronto and Montreal

If you're ever making the drive from one end of Ontario to the other, you have to stop and take a photo in front of the Big Apple. This place not only has some of the best apple pie, but also a petting zoo with some adorable animals, and of course, the infamous big red apple!

P.S. this apple truly does make you feel tiny.

Crescent Street

You can literally walk around this street for hours and never get bored. There are tons of restaurants to visit and eat at, many shops and even some cool sights to see! At the end of the road, you're met with a gorgeous view of the St. Lawrence River and Old Montreal.

Old Montreal

Old Montreal holds some great historic monuments, from the Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel to the brick to the Saint-Paul Street (which is also known as the Cobblestone street), you will be surrounded by history, culture and beautiful views.

Because of COVID, some things were held back to the public, but we were still able to get a view of such beautiful spots. Whether it's light or dark outside, you will enjoy walking down these streets!


The best lookout and hiking spot: Mount Royal