Sorry TLC, but we did in fact chase some waterfalls

When they say someone's love language is physical touch, well they've definitely been spending some time with Meghan and Chris

Meghan and Chris contacted me to photograph their wedding in 2020, but in April, plans had to change drastically due to a global pandemic that quite literally had us stuck at home. It caused us to postpone their wedding to the next year, and their engagement session about three times.

What was supposed to be a cute spring shoot ended up taking place in the fall, and honestly, I can't say I was disappointed!

But, we finally made it!

What I learned during our time together was that Meghan and Chris visit Sherman Falls every year to have a nice walk and see a cute waterfall that's secluded in such a busy area in Hamilton. It's a place that held secret conversations, stolen kisses and memories that will truly last a lifetime.

It didn't take long to realize how much these two love each other.

In the hour we spent together, I quickly realized how important it is to have fun in a relationship. They showed me what it looks like to just enjoy the moment in front of you; from stepping onto shaky rocks in the middle of a quarry to using a log to get to the other side.

Meghan and Chris were both so care free, willing to just go with the flow and didn't care about running onto the middle of the street for that one photo. We had the best time taking this photos, and when the shoot was over, I honestly felt like we were meant to be friends!

These two are a power couple, and I am so excited to see the adventures they will go on together.