Smoke bombs and future album covers.

Can we just say that Jess and Jared look like they're about to drop an insane record?

Trust me when I say that if Jess and Jared ever dropped an album, the world would heal in more ways than one – if you ever get to hear their voices you'll agree it's like sweet honey!

Jess and Jared are dear friends of mine who I've always wanted to have stand in front of my camera, and this past summer we finally got the chance to make it happen. Being the playful couple they are, we opted for a very adventurous session that included not only walks on the beach, but smoke bombs (don't worry they only lasted 5 seconds) and a ton of waves!

And can I just say that the photos came out dreamier than I could have ever imagined?

Jess and Jared have been dating for a few years, and if you spend just a minute with them, you can tell that their relationship is full of jokes, playful banter and the opportunity to just have fun. And so, that's what we did, we had fun! We had a few laughs, sang a couple of Ed Sheeran songs and even almost got burned when activating the smoke bomb.

With a few cheesy photos in between all the fun, it didn't take long to realize how much these two love each other.

Jess and Jared were both so carefree, willing to just go with the flow and didn't care about running into the water even though the ride was high. We had the best time taking this photos, and when the shoot was over, I honestly felt like I spent time with family!

These two are a power couple, and I am so thankful to be able to call them my friends!