My first international trip since COVID was to the Big Apple, and although there were things we couldn't do (like sit on the steps at Times Square) it was made up of laughter, musicals and catching up with old friends. I sang Billy Joel while walking from one place to another, Taylor Swift while walking through Cornelia Streets and even made it to the top of the Empire State Building (where I saw an unexpected friend). The one note about New York, when you're out and about, travel light, because you'll not only be going up and down the subway lines, but you'll also be in lines for restaurants, stores and exhibits, and you don't want to be lugging around a heavy bag!

There were still many things I didn't get to do, but I can safely say that this trip, like all of my trips, was filled with everything I could have asked for. I can't wait to visit New York again and see all that it has to offer!

Cornelia Street

I remember telling my friend "I'll never walk Cornelia street again". And I mean, I'm not wrong. I probably will not go out of my way to visit this street again, mainly because well.. it's just a simple street where (and no biggie) miss Taylor Swift lived once upon a time. And as a Swiftie, it was a duty of mine to visit and pay homage to the queen herself.

It's the cutest little apartment entry way, and you don't have to walk far from the subway and main street to actually get to this. So safe to say, not only does Taylor know how to write amazing music, but she always knows how to find proper locations for homes that are close to just about everything.

Now until I can walk through London and say that I found my London boy....

Washington Square Park

I have a feeling this park is the "unsung hero" of upper New York. It's a gorgeous park that has multiple areas to sit and just watch what's happening, a few proper photo spots, and many coffee spots around it. This was such a beautiful place to visit, and although it was a little crowded, it was worth the pit stop for photos. The sun shines directly down on you, and you get the best lighting for your photoshoot! I would definitely love to visit on an early morning and just watch as people head to work or school.

Empire State Building

This is a must have on your list of things to do when you're in New York. Whether you go to the 86th floor or the 102nd floor, the view is absolutely amazing. We ended up going during sunset, and seeing the sun set along Manhattan was a sight I didn't know I needed to see for myself. There are four different sights that you can see, from the Statue of Liberty to Central Park, plus an exhibit indoors of famous movies filmed/based on the Empire State building! I honestly loved it, and will definitely be visiting again.



I have to admit, I am a lover of musicals. I love seeing the music be used to tell a story, whether it's the Sound of Music or The Lion King. But seeing musicals on (and off) Broadway? To see critically acclaimed work that received multiple awards in the Big Apple itself? Well that was an experience of its own. I have never felt more at peace and in love with something as much as I did with the musicals we watched. And honestly, watching Hamilton for the first time ever and hearing the soundtrack sitting in New York, where Lin Manuel himself had always wanted this production to be, well that was a breathtaking experience. It's safe to say I would go to New York only to attend broadway shows in a blink of an eye!


Grand Central Station

Spotted in Grand Central station, Hana walking down the steps after getting off the subway. Is she on her way home? Or is this simply a detour? Well that's a secret I'll never tell. See you next time. xoxo Gossip Girl!

Safe to say one of my all-time must visit locations has always been Grand Central Station, whether it's because of Madagascar or Gossip Girl, I have always wanted to walk down the steps and pretend I was someone of importance that I would be talked about on a gossip blog. And although I didn't make headlines, I can at least say I walked the same steps as the one and only Blake Lively!

Times Square

What can I say about Times Square other than it literally is the brightest and busiest place in all of New York? Everywhere you look there is a store, a restaurant or a musical playing.


Brooklyn Bridge

This was a last minute detour that I honestly think is worth the walk. Not only is this a place of multiple movie locations, but it also holds a breathtaking view of the city scape of New York, as well as a view of the water. Although it's a rather long walk to get to the bridge itself from the subway stop, it's a beautiful walk that will have you walking in awe of what's in front of you, and stopping every few seconds for photos!