A trip of a lifetime is how I would describe this trip to Dubai. My mom and I had decided to go on a trip to my birth country and then her home country, and all I can say to describe those two weeks is that it was time spent with new (and old) experiences and lots of laughs.

While in Dubai, there are definite must sees – the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Burj Khalifa and the Sand dunes to name a few. The views are absolutely breathtaking and let me tell you, the history and culture is overwhelming, but so amazing to see. Scroll through to see some photos and facts about each thing!

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center – Abu Dhabi

One of my favourite places we got to visit was the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center in Abu Dhabi, which is only about an hour drive away from the heart of Dubai.

This mosque is believed to be the third-largest mosque in the world and can accommodate more than 40,000 people at a time. It took 11 years to complete the mosque and hosts beautiful marble mosaic's and breathtaking designs.

If you're ever in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you definitely don't want to miss this landmark.

Al Maha Sand Dunes – Dubai

One of the most beautiful things about Dubai is the fine, white sandy desert that it hots, and let's be honest, who doesn't want photos on the Sand Dunes?

I was born and raised in Dubai, and I remember riding a camel and spending the night dancing in the desert. About 12 years later I found myself in the same place, still riding a camel, and still dancing in the desert. There was something special about watching the sun set on the desert horizon and to just watch it while sitting on a sand dune in the middle of quite literally nowhere.

Also can I just say, that the sand in Dubai must have been the softest sand I have ever walked on?

Burj Khalifa – Dubai

The Burj Khalifa – let me tell you, the photos definitely don't do this building justice.

I'm Canadian and have gone up the CN Tower multiple times, but have never felt like I was looking over a city as beautiful as the view in Dubai. Anywhere you look, you'll see a mix of buildings (considered new Dubai) and desert (old Dubai). It's absolutely breathtaking in the view it provides, but the nightly lit Burj Khalifa is just as beautiful.

I was there during the 10 year anniversary of the show 'Friends' and through a light show with the building and the foundation, a magnificent light show was held in honour of the show. This is definitely a must-see when visiting the city of Dubai.