Reminiscing on the first date jitters.

Whoever said you can't relive your first date clearly underestimated how much fun it can be!

I have known Linta since we were both in our teenage years, going to classes together, making fun of each other during gym class and even bonding over coffee. So when Titouan messaged me saying he wanted to propose to her, I couldn't be more excited for her!

Watching Linta and Titouan embrace each other, and walk me through their first date together, not only showed me what love is about, but how important it is to stay in the moment and enjoy every aspect of your time together.

They taught me what it looks like to be in love, and how important coffee is in a relationship!

It was an absolute joy to catch up with them, and capture such an exciting season in life for them!

This couple cares so much about each other, and remembered very detailed moments from their first date together, which made me smile from ear to ear. They cared about the simple things like the table they sat in when they first met, and going to the location where they just walked around together endlessly for hours! They even took the time to remember what it felt like to be a kid, and to just play around in a park and enjoy the simplest of moments.